Data transmission for a membership request for ramnet e.V.
(This is a translation of the German site.)

This request form is only directed at current tenants of the "residencia alma mater" - Vaalser Straße 150-152b, 52074 Aachen (in short: "ram") or people who will be soon. If you aren’t a tenant, and you won’t be for sure: this is not for you!

This form is NOT an application for a room/flat in the ram. Ramnet e.V. is not a landlord and we aren’t an estate agent. We will ignore everyone who looks for a flat.

We reserve our right - like our Vereinssatzung says - to deny any application without a given reason.
This site is not an offer. It is a tool to transmit the data necessary for a potential membership and make the introduction into the association easier. This transmission has no ties to the actual membership, it is not a guarantee! We reserve our rights to save any data you send us.

Hey you, You are probably here, because you want to join the ramnet e.V. We made this site to speed up the actual introduction. A short explanation how this will work:

  1. You will move in the ram soon, if you haven’t already.
  2. You fill in the form on the next page. (You would have to do so at the introduction anyway)
  3. You verify your email address and then it stays with us.
  4. You visit us on a Tuesday evening between 8 pm and 8:30 pm in the common room, or Gemeinschaftsraum. It’s in the basement of house 150a next to the laundry room.
  5. You listen to our intro. We need to talk about and explain some things.
  6. You pay the admission fee
  7. You sign the membership request form we will print out.

And that’s it! After that you are an official member of ramnet e.V. and you can enjoy the privileges immediately.

See you then! Until a Tuesday in the Gemeinschaftsraum!

This entry is noncommittal, you have no right to any kind of service until you sign the request form. This membership request is not definite. You can retransmit any of the information again if you like. By filling out the form you will not incur any liabilities.